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HOW to identify a REAL DARK CHOCOLATE 🍫by REALLY looking and reading the package

May 17, 2020

After people reach their early 30's, they become more conscious of their health. So if you are a long-time chocolate enthusiast, chances are you're now opting for higher quality chocolate bars. Still, it might be complicated to identify the genuine and high-quality chocolates you desire.  Make sure you read until the end since I will describe my experience learning how to find the dark chocolate bar that benefits your health, your experience, and the planet among all the possible options available.

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Dark chocolate ingredients

Dark Chocolate Ingredients, what does the percentage mean?

March 29, 2018

The percentage of cacao in artisan chocolate defines the proportion of dark chocolate ingredients, either solids or butter, originating from the cacao bean, in comparison to other components.

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