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Dick Taylor Brown Butter Dark Chocolate with Nibs and Salt

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Adam Dick, master chocolate maker at Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, and Dustin Taylor are unique individuals who went from boat-building and woodwork to chocolate making. The attention to detail is what shines in every chocolate creation, and this is no exception.

I met Adam in the FCCI first Cacao Grader Intensive course back in 2016. I clearly remember his sensory abilities with every ground cacao we were testing. As they have always done, the packaging is a craft by itself. It feels like fine woodwork, elegance, and with all the information needed at hand. It can then be reused if you have some leftover chocolate after trying it for the first time.

The brown butter dark chocolate with nibs and sea salt is a deliciously decadent bar that totally buzzes! The chocolate is made with a blend of cacao beans from Akesson Plantation of Madagascar, Fazenda Camboa of Brazil, and then mixes organic cane sugar from Brazil: the 73% Northerner Blend.

The chocolate is blended with browned butter from a California local Rumiano Family creamery creating an ultra-creamy foundation. Then, for crunchiness, they add roasted cacao nibs and fine sea salt.

As of September 2020, this is the crunchiest bar in our catalog. We are proud to have it selected and to offer it to you for your enjoyment.

We believe you can experience this dark chocolate by itself or with a good piece of soft and fluffy home-made vanilla bean pound cake.


Bar Type






Made in









Dry Apricot, honey, cacao




Organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic butter, fleur de sel

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