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French Broad Dark Sipping Chocolate

French Broad Dark Sipping Chocolate

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The French Broad Dark Sipping Chocolate is brought to us by the Rattigan's, Dan and Jael. They are based in Asheville, North Carolina, and have created so many fabulous chocolate products. When we personally met them in 2019, it caught our attention the fact that their story is a little different than other bean-to-bar chocolate makers. They started by creating chocolate confections, but then they could not find transparency in the supply chain of the chocolate they were using. So, they investigated and started to get their own cacao beans from small farms where they knew the story behind the owners, farmers, and cacao workers. The latter is the origin of their first craft chocolate, which they now use to make all the other chocolate creations (HERE).

This dark sipping chocolate is not your usual "grocery-store hot chocolate," a.k.a. "Hot cocoa." This is true and real chocolate, only two [2] ingredients that will result in a robust rich-flavored drink to enjoy #TheGoodnessOfLife. This chocolate is the same one Jael and Dan use on their restaurant in Asheville, "The Chocolate Lounge." Apparently, many people asked them what chocolate they were using for this drink in the restaurant. So, they decided to pack it, and we can all make it and enjoy it at home. And now, you can too.

Like all the products we offer, this dark sipping chocolate comes from fair trade practices since French Broad pays a premium price. They do that directly with farmers, for the high-quality cacao used to produce it.

It's straightforward to make! Depending on how thick you want your chocolate, you can use water, milk, or a milk alternative. First, warm the liquid at medium heat, then add the chocolate pieces, and let them melt slowly while stirring gently and constantly until you get a uniform texture. Then serve in a cup and enjoy it. If you like foamy and warm drinks, you might want to use a hand frother (HERE) and make this dark chocolate memorable.

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Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in







Brow sugar


Tropical fruits




Cacao nibs, sugar

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