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Mini Dark Chocolate Combinations

Mini Dark Chocolate Combinations

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Hey parents this is for you!  

Have you ever wanted your kids to enjoy Dark or Milk Chocolate but thought how much sugar they were going to get?

Have them enjoy three (3) of the best craft dark chocolate bars that are perfect for kids due to their sweet flavor, but with a fraction of the sugar that regular candies have.

Select from three (3) different combinations of craft dark chocolates:

  • COMBO 1 - This includes a bar of malted-milk chocolate, and two (2) dark chocolates with brownie, nutty, and very chocolatey flavors.

  • COMBO 2 - Including a bar of chocolate with sea salt that highlights the flavors of many chocolates, and two (2) of our lowest cacao % minibars.

  • COMBO 3 - This includes a bar of dark-milk chocolate, and two (2) dark chocolates that a very creamy and sweet despite their low sugar content.

If you really want your kids to enjoy real chocolates during any season, and get the least amount of sugar, these are the perfect combinations for your family.



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