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VENEZUELAN MADE 3-bar Dark Chocolate Set

This three-bar dark chocolate set brings you the best of Venezuelan gourmet chocolates. Venezuela, one of the few countries where chocolate is made where cacao grows, is famous worldwide for fine flavor cacao beans, and the chocolate bars included in this box will take you or your loved ones through astounding flavor profiles.

Venezuelan cacao usually brings fruity and nutty aromas, as well as tastes with the same characteristics, so expect to find them in this carefully curated three-bar dark chocolate combination. The cacao varietals used in these bars go from "Criollo," the fine flavor cacao of the world, to some of the best "Trinitario."

Each dar chocolate bar has a beautifully designed packaging, extremely colorful and attractive, and both features will have you enjoy the chocolate even more.

You or your loved ones will enjoy this gift box from the time they see it. We use recycled material to prepare each gift by hand. A handwritten note will describe the astounding dark chocolate bars included, some of its features, as well as aroma and flavor notes. Then, three beautifully crafted bars will jump to the eyes in a way that you won't resist to open one and try it instantly. Have you ever felt the sensation "I want more of this chocolate?", Well... you will feel this and more once this present is open. ENJOY!

**We might change the content of this set depending on availability.  If needed, the contents of this gift set might vary according to Club ChoKolate's inventory.  If you would like to select specific chocolate bars, please contact us at info@clubchokolate.com, and we will try to accommodate your request.
** Price includes gift wrapping
** We ship anywhere in the U.S.A.  Shipping charge is additional and will appear upon checking out.

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