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Honduras Cacao Bean Origin

Cao Dark Chocolate - Honduras

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     Ricardo Trillos and his wife Anelith created Cao Chocolates in 2009 while looking for dark chocolates made in Miami. They could not find good quality real chocolate created in this U.S. southeast city, filled with a "melting pot" on international people, and that is why they decided to do it themselves.

     Cao chocolate is the first artisan to offer single origin bean-to-bar dark chocolate made in Miami. Club Chokolate met them personally in the Miami International Chocolate Festival in 2016, carried in the Fairchild Botanical Gardens when our idea of a marketplace for fine quality chocolates was starting to take shape. Then we share our passion for chocolate, as local entrepreneurs, in the same event but in subsequent years.

     We fell in love with their single origin 70% "Honduras" bar when Ricardo offered us a sample in 2018. The packaging talks simplicity and has just the needed information for you to go straight and enjoy this dark chocolate. Like all their bars, you can quickly identify the origin by looking at the country of origin shape and flag in the front. It also includes flavor notes, as well as the fact that it is "fair trade" and "fair for life" certified.

     Honduras has become a sought after country for fine flavor cacao, offering small batches of beans and exclusive flavors astounding to make good dark chocolate bars. Most cacao growing areas are located in the north of the country and offer mostly "Trinitario" origin varieties. Their beans have been associated with light and fresh fruit flavor patterns, along with wood, and mushrooms floral hints.

     After you open your dark chocolate, you have to turn it around to see the pattern which carries Cao brand, easy to identify. A crisp snap will take you to feel and taste notes of dates, molasses, and spices. We sense a slightly "sandy" texture with light or no aftertaste, and all these notes "move" quickly, so make sure you take another piece!

     Now you can taste this unique quality dark chocolate, made in Miami and delivered to your door!


Bar Type

 Dark Chocolate





Made in









 Dates, molasses, spices




 Cacao beans, cane sugar

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