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Club ChoKolate - Craft Chocolate Membership Box

We have carefully selected a box of craft chocolates to please your palate. This membership offers you the best craft chocolate the world has to offer - ONE box per month, for three (3) months.

The artisans and creators of these chocolates use only fine flavor cacao, setting a high standard for making chocolate directly from the cacao bean.

 The specific bars and chocolates will change every month and from time to time since we want you to try different aromas and flavors. Also, the nature of this world is small-batch, limited, and scarce, unique chocolates that we are sure will create pleasant memories and experiences.

 The membership includes, ONE box per month, for three (3) months, with:

    • Four (4) craft chocolate items, usually PREMIUM chocolate bars, but also chocolate-covered nuts, as well as cacao nibs, craft chocolate chips, or exclusive chocolate tasting sets.
    • Club ChoKolate tasting notes for each item.
    • A virtual guided chocolate tasting where you can receive guidance about the chocolate aroma, flavors, and other exciting details.
    • Links for music playlist exclusively design to enjoy The Goodness of Life and experience your chocolates.
    • And much more...

Why did we set this craft chocolate membership together? To facilitate your decision making. Trust the chocolate expert! Our co-founder, Dr. Ramon E. Martinez, has received training in chocolate tasting by International Cacao and Chocolate Institute and Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute. He personally selects his favorites to offer them with this membership. He evaluates a significant amount of chocolate samples from chocolate makers around the world. When we add a bar of chocolate to our collection or any other craft chocolate item, it must have a delicate and complex flavor that will create a new memory. We expect changes in this profile as the chocolate melts in your mouth, as well as with the different scenarios where you might taste it. 

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