French Broad Dark Chocolate Chips

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The French Broad Dark Chocolate Chips are brought to us by the same couple, Dan and Jael Rattingan, who has produced so many legendary chocolate products. From the single origin bars (HERE) to fine-flavor cacao nibs (HERE), and everything in between. It all started with a trip to Costa Rica many years ago. Since then, they have owned a few successful businesses, all including food, cacao, and chocolate as their craft. But it took them a few years to come up with the bean-to-bar chocolate legend they are today. It is to be expected; after all, legends are build with time.

These are not your usual "grocery-store chocolate chips," they made with fine-flavor cacao, specifically from Matagalpa in Nicaragua. In 2012, Cacao Bisiesto was established by Gifford, an ex-Peace Army, and Jose Enrique, a native Nicaraguan cacao expert. They both live in the fertile Matagalpa province of Nicaragua, where Criollo and Trinitario cacao varietals have been planted for centuries. They each contributed years of expertise and a shared vision to their organization. To preserve, stimulate, and disseminate heirloom ("reliquias") varietals of cacao, they pay higher prices to local farmers for unusual, Criollo-infused seeds with excellent flavor profiles. They then cultivate these rare cacao varietals on their own farms. However, fermentation and drying have an essential role in the final quality and flavor of the cacao, and of course, in the resulting chocolate. Cacao Bisiesto (DETAILS HERE) pays the right amount of attention to these steps, therefore producing beans that French Broad has to acquire and work their art.

These dark chocolate chips are "crazy," we mean nutty, i.e., nut flavor notes. They are small pieces of dark chocolate where only cacao and sugar are combined, only two ingredients… Amazing right? These chips have, like a dark chocolate bar, all of the chocolate benefits we have talked about in our blog, for instance, heart (HERE) and mood benefits (HERE), but without the sugar. As you might know by now, Theobroma Cacao has anti-oxidant properties (HERE). It has been proven to support healthy body functions. These chocolate chips are a great superfood, and you can add them to your coffee. But also, baking is their special place. It is an excellent ingredient to add, not only for the health benefits but texture to your cookies, brownies, or muffins. Some people actually use them as the healthiest snack they can have.

Like a small piece of a dark chocolate bar, but with no biting needed. You can eat them directly from this bag, or create your own mix with dry fruits and nuts.

Why don't you get a pack of these dark chocolate chips and start your journey to a healthier you?

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





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Coffee, liquorice




Cacao, sugar

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