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Rio Cacao Dark Chocolate - 75% Nibs

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Río Cacao's goal is to preserve the original flavors and spread joy by using Venezuelan cacao varietals, especially those from Sucre state in the eastern part of the country. Río Caribe is where the organization has planted its roots. They are made in the bean-to-bar dark chocolate School by artisans who have magic in their hands. Ezequiel Millan, a reputable cacao expert in Venezuela, runs the fermentation workshop at the school lab. 

The Río Cacao Chocolate 75% with nibs, is made at the lab school of Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe. She is a famous bean-to-bar chocolate maker who founded a chain of entrepreneurship, education, and economic developments, all centered around the Venezuelan cacao. She is the mind behind the organization. She gives them the tools to develop the skills needed to create dark chocolates. 

The particular varietal of cacao beans used in the creation of this Río Caribe chocolate comes from the town Río Caribe in Venezuela. Specifically, Hacienda Agua Santa is known to produce one of the best cacao beans in Venezuela. This plantation also allows tourists to view the production process through a guided tour. 

The "envelopes" designed for the Río Cacao dark chocolate are artistic and colorful. They take you back to the time when we were surrounded by nothing but the wild. It also takes us to the small town of Río Caribe. Once you have passed the attractive package, you will find the find within an eco-friendly paper wrapper, and immediately feel the sweet vanilla aromas along with possibly chocolate cream. 

The flavor profile includes tropical fruits like papaya that then magically transform into a nutty vanilla fudge brownie with a crunchy bitter texture given by the nibs. 

Please, enjoy it with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning!

Bar Type

  Dark Chocolate





Made in









Papaya, nuts, vanilla, brownie




Cacao and sugar

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