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Vicente Behrens

__Like high-quality dark chocolate

If you like high-quality dark chocolate, you need to get a variety pack from Club Chokolate. They have hand-picked an extraordinary selection of brands worth trying. I just got these bars (see picture). I can't wait to indulge in these fantastic flavors from around the world. I keep coming back for more and looking forward to tasting new brands.

Claudia Pareja

__Let’s be honest

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to find chocolate that has good ingredients. As a dietitian, I am always looking for healthy dark chocolate bar options with a few ingredients. At Club ChoKolate I find a wide variety of quality dark chocolates from all over the world. My favorite one is Fruition Dark Chocolate - Rustic Crunch. The texture and taste are awesome. I would definitely recommend Club ChoKolate to Friends and family.

Carmen Izquierdo

__Best quality of chocolate

I always try to support companies that not only sell the best quality of chocolate but that make a difference in this world. Club ChoKolate is one of them. The fact that they partner up with companies from all over the world not only because of the quality of chocolate they produce but for a good cause is what motivates me to support them. Excellent customer experience and the flavor of the dark chocolate they sell is out of this world!

Gabe Roche

__Truly an upscale adventure

Club Chokolate has a vast assortment of products and personalized service. The experience will change your mind regarding dark chocolate. Truly an upscale adventure. Things can be healthy and also delicious, who knew? Cannot wait until next month's box arrives. Give it a try, and you will be amazed.

Sandra Palavecino

__Most delicious and almost luxurious artisan chocolates

Club Chokolate has the most delicious and almost luxurious artisan chocolates from around the world. It has always surprise me with the deep flavors every time we try new options. Also are great ideas for gifts to give away, specially for Xmas. I have been sending my friends around US a box of mix chocolates for Xmas 2 years in a row now and they love it, not only because are delicious and are mailed in a unique box, but also is a gift the whole family does like!

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