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Chocolate is one of god’s gift to mankind. There is something so fascinating about dark chocolate.  There is good chocolate, and then there is the exquisite, dark chocolaty temptation that tickles your tongue.  A decadent indulgence when each bite that fills you with strokes of heavenly pleasure – like god talking to you through food – this is what the masters of the craft provide you.

Introducing our premium range of 70 - 74% cacao dark chocolates. Made from hand-picked cacao beans, cultivated with care.   Then, masterfully crafted by the most skillful artisans, these rich and luscious bean-to-bar chocolates are sure to elevate your chocolate consuming experiences.

Moreover, dark chocolates offer health benefits galore. Consuming a tiny amount of dark chocolate every day increases the blood flow to your brain, thereby improving your cognitive abilities. Further, there is the generation of nitric oxide that happens when you consume dark chocolates, and this helps reduce blood pressure.  No wonder there was a belief in the Mayan civilization that ‘there was a God because there was chocolate, eh?

So what are you waiting for? Pair it with your morning routine, the best time of the day to savor a bar of dark chocolate. Or maybe add chunks of it in your strong morning brew for another edgy combination.

With their intense flavors and divine aromas, choose from our broad palate of dark chocolate display.  Select a new personal favorite – be it fruity, floral, earthy, sugary, woody, or bready, we have it all. Indulge in one yourself or gift it to your loved ones on their special day and see that spring in their steps and smile on their faces.

Because, after all, nine out of ten people like chocolates and the tenth one? Well, he or she needs some guidance!

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