Letterpress Dark Chocolate - Venezuela, Amazonas

     It's been an exhausting day, you’re tired, and you just need a few minutes to gather your thoughts and perhaps your sanity. Your thoughts drift to something dark and savory, I know what you’re thinking. A Letterpress dark chocolate bar. Not just any Letterpress, but a "Venezuela Amazonas."
     You will have to travel through the sweltering heat of the Amazon forest, where deep in the Amazonian basin you will find the rare and coveted Guaniamo cacao. Wild-harvested and accessible only by canoe, found in a place long thought to be the birthplace of cacao, Guaniamo cacao is grown and traditionally harvested by the indigenous Piaroa over a two-day expedition across the dense jungle and wood planks. After securing your most precious cargo, it’s another 10 hours before arriving at Letterpress to be fashioned into a work of art, a well-made dark chocolate bar.

     While it’s worth the wait, wouldn’t it be easier if we just ship it to you?

     Made in the USA, our Letterpress Venezuela Amazonas dark chocolate bar is a 70% cacao with sweet and subtle hints of blackberry and cashew, a perfect pairing calls for a wine that offers a fuller body, robust aromas and intense flavor sketches with bold fruit and perhaps its own smidge of indigenous chocolatey nuances. Personal tastes aside, we suggest trying this dark chocolate bar with your favorite wine, or on its own. Enjoy!

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in









Blackberry. mocha, and cashew




Cacao beans, and organic Unrefined Cane Sugar


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