What chocolate bar should I pick?
    Do you know what your favorite chocolate is? Then try to select a similar one from our catalog.  We suggest you filter the chocolate by "%" within our main menu; these are favorite chocolate bar features that might be similar to your preferred ones.
    If you don't know anything about chocolate, we suggest you try a lower % bar or start with some of our dark-milk selections.  Dark bars might be "too strong" or "too bitter" for you initially, but ultimately, you will develop a taste for any finely-made chocolate.
    We have made a selection for you if you prefer to choose from a smaller group.  You can find those in "CCK Recommends."
    Soon, we plan to have an interactive tool on our site, as well as a live chat service that can help you in your decision.  For now, you might contact us at info@clubchokolate.com where a chocolate connoisseur will contact you and help you chose your next adventure.


    When should I expect my chocolate(s) to arrive?

      Usually, we will fulfill your order within 24 hours, and we will hand it in for delivery in the same time frame.  Then it's in the hands of the courier service provider.  Currently, we are using USPS Priority service which guaranteed 2-3 day delivery in the continental US.  So, expect your favorite bars 3-4 days after they have been fulfilled.

      There are some subtle details in the logistics of shipping chocolate.  You might find those here.


      Why the name "Club ChoKolate"?

      We expect to be a meeting place where chocolate fans, chocolate connoisseurs, chocolate producers and anyone interested in this world can meet, learn, and share anything about good quality chocolate.  We want to extend our passion for the world's best chocolates to anyone, anywhere.  Like a CLUB, we mean to share the common interest in the "best chocolate" of the world.


      Why the price of our products?

      First, the best chocolates need the best cacao beans.  Second, the making process is delicate, and quality processes must be rigorous.  As oppose to industrial- and mass-made chocolates, artisan chocolate makers look for unique cacao beans, with  different flavors and aromas, and they pay premium prices for these features.  Finally, they use small batches of cacao beans, as well as a hands-on approach to the chocolate making.  In this finely-made chocolate world, we offer the unique, uncommon, original, and unconventional.  We believe the value of the products we offer are in pair with the quality you are receiving; they are well worth it. 

       Do these premium chocolates have added flavors?

      Most gourmet chocolates in our store have their aromas and flavors; this means that what you smell and taste comes naturally from the best cacao beans in the world.  In fact, this is one of the leading ideas of the real best chocolates in the world, that the chocolate maker can bring you these flavors without adding anything else during the chocolate-making process.   However, often the chocolate producers find specific flavor notes that go well with additional ingredients or inclusions; these are meant to highlight the cacao bean properties.  Therefore, you will see some gourmet chocolate bars with salt, vanilla, nuts, and other items added.

      What if I don't find a specific chocolate bar?

      We will make everything in our power to find you the bar you want. Use our contact form by clicking here or contact us directly at info@clubchokolate.com.    Now, remember, some bars have had limited production and are no longer available.  Also, we mainly work with craft, artisan, "small-batch" chocolate makers; therefore we can find you those chocolates, the ones you can't find in any grocery store.