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GET the SWEETEST Dark Chocolates (< 70%)

Chocolate, the food of the gods, a divine blend of cacao solids, and cacao butter that is sweetened with sugar, takes the body and mind to new heights of pleasure. Chocolate is the go-to food for everyone, from people rejoicing over birth to gift-givers, even to grievers in their saddest times. The "pick-me-up" properties of this dark blend are all too well known, but now also backed by science.

Cacao is a stimulant that encourages our brain to supply additional dopamine to the body. This dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for the general feeling of happiness. So if dark chocolate can't make you happy, We don't know what can.

The percentage of cacao, solids, and butter, in a piece of chocolate, determines the richness and flavor in it. So chocolate that has cacao ranging from 50 percent to higher qualifies as dark chocolate. Though this chocolate is not as sweet as the lighter version, it is quite attractive to try.  We believe that chocolate that has cacao proportions between 55% to 69% is the ideal blend of dark and sweet, a good start for those transitioning to the real chocolate world. It's just dark enough to provide the pleasure that rich chocolate can give, and sugary enough, but not that cloyingly sweet.

Though a person with a sweet tooth might not be too happy with the dark chocolate variant, science says the lesser the sugar, the better the chocolate is for your health.

A range of companies produce dark chocolate, and it is not that hard to find a slab of dark chocolate sitting pretty in your supermarket shelf. However, authentic artisan chocolate is harder to find.  The market, once dominated by international giants, is now being broken by local, small-batch, players in many countries.

If you want the benefits of dark chocolate along with the perfect sweetness level, the 55 - 69% chocolate collection is for you.  Pick any bars in this group, and your expectations will discover the solution.