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Franceschi Dark Chocolate - 30g Carenero 60%

Franceschi Dark Chocolate - 30g Carenero 60%

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Satisfy ✨all✨ your dark chocolate cravings with this Franceschi 30g Carenero 60% bar!😋 Packed with a zesty combo of citric notes and sweet spices, it's the perfect way to mix up 🔁your daily dark chocolate routine. Fusing tart fruits 🍊with romantic spices, this bar of Venezuelan cacao beans harvested from the northern coastline is sure to hit you with some serious 👌good stuff! 🤩

** Chocolate never expires as long as it's kept at the right temperature and not exposed to direct light. We keep our chocolate this way. However, chocolate artisans have to use a "best by" (or expiration) date in the food products. The "best by" of our current Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Brazil Fazenda Camboa has passed; therefore, we offer it to you with a discount. A regular fair price will resume once we sell out and obtain the newest batch.

Our chocolate is meticulously stored to ensure a long shelf life without compromising its quality. Although food products require a "best by" date, our chocolate remains fresh and delicious. This dark chocolate bar has exceeded its "best by" date. Still, we guarantee its exceptional taste and offer you a discounted price. The regular price will resume once we sell out and obtain the latest batch. You can trust that every bite of our chocolate will satisfy your cravings and exceed your expectations.

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