• Shipping chocolate products is a challenging enterprise.  As you might know, chocolate melts with increasing temperatures; therefore in Club ChoKolate, we are determined to prevent this melting from happening before the chocolate is in your mouth.
    • Currently, we are mailing only within the continental United States (but includes Puerto Rico), and we use United States Postal Services (USPS).  We recommend USPS "Priority Mail" option, and this is why we are using it.  This option guarantees 2-3 days shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.  This option minimizes the transit time of your favorite chocolates, ensuring less time spent in the outside world.  Also, the content is trackable and insured.  Depending on shipping rates we reserve the right to use other carriers that can guarantee the safe delivery of your chocolates.  If you want to consider an alternative option, either faster (usually more expensive) or cheaper (usually takes a longer time to be delivered), then contact us by using the form on this page or directly at
    • Remember that delays due to extreme weather conditions or USPS logistical issues are out of our control.  Contact us if you have not received your package at the expected time and we will work with you on a solution.
    • Additionally, we light-insulate your chocolate, and we use ice packing to preserve temperature.  There is no additional cost to you!  However, to prevent any melting, make sure your delivery address is accurate and correct, that someone can receive it, and the package is not left alone in the "wild" for a long time.  We cannot be responsible for packages that were left out or delivered to the wrong address (if that was the address on file with the order).
    • We usually ship within 24 hours of your order; however, we are in favor of shipping Mondays or Tuesdays to prevent you precious package from staying in a warehouse, or even outside during a weekend.  Depending on your location, we might send chocolates for shipment other days of the week if we estimate that delivery can be done by Friday or Saturday of the same week.
    • We have worked out affordable shipping rates that also include the handling and packing (cushioning, light, heat, and moist protection) of your beloved chocolates. 
    • The table below explains the details of our shipping rates based on the weight of your order total.    The shipping is FREE on orders above $70 as long as the shipping rate (weight-based) remains $15 or less.  Remember to use the discount code "FREE70" during checkout.  As a token of appreciation, if your order is above $70, but the shipping is above $15 we will credit you $15 for shipping.  Remind us to do that if we forget.
Order total weight (lbs) Shipping cost
0 - 5 oz $6
5.01 - 10 oz $7
10.01 - 20 oz $8
20.01 - 47 oz $10
47.1 - 63 oz $15
63.1 - 79 oz $20
79.1 - 95 oz $25
95.1 - 111 oz $30
111.1 - 128 oz $45
128.1 - 400