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French Broad Dark Chocolate - Dark Milk

French Broad Dark Chocolate - Dark Milk

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Dan And Jael Rattingan didn't come up with the idea of chocolate bars making from the get-go. It was a long journey from when they were strangers who met at a wedding in 2003 to being partners who bought a cacao plantation. After that, they opened a Breakfast and Dessert shop, but it wasn't until 2012 that they converted cacao beans to these chocolaty delights we call the French Broad Chocolate. 

The French Broad Dark Milk Chocolate is finely-made at their recently opened (2018) chocolate factory in Asheville, NC. Since they started the business, they have experienced steady growth due to the quality of their chocolate bars. With the launch of their chocolate confections and bonbons in 2012, at their "Chocolate Lounge," Dan & Jael realized that they needed to connect to the source of the cacao bean. 

They were looking for transparency, so they spend time in Central and South America trying to build relationships with farmers who grew high-quality and sustainable cacao. At present, the cacao beans for the bars come from many countries like Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. 

It's not just a dark milk chocolate bar but a gift that you'll give to yourself. The packaging looks divine and could almost make you feel sorry for tearing it off in your rush to get to the dark milk chocolate bar. Once you are clear of the chocolate box, you'll come across the plant fiber-based cellophane bag. French Broad Chocolate Dark Milk is an organic chocolate bar. It brings out the best of cacao and milk's rich buttery flavor, like chocolate fudge and then fruity banana and even banana pudding. 

Made with non-fat dry milk, the chocolate bar tastes divine. We think this bar is a perfect transition for those of you who believe that dark chocolate is "too strong." The high cacao percentage of this dark milk chocolate will nudge you to start trying higher cacao content bars. 

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  Bar Type

  Dark Milk Chocolate





  Made in







  Tropical fruits


  Chocolate fudge, banana, banana pudding




  Organic cacao, organic sugar, organic non-fat dry milk, organic cacao butter, organic browned butter (milk)

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