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Fruition - Dark Milk Chocolate with Flor de Sal

Fruition - Dark Milk Chocolate with Flor de Sal

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Fruition Dark-Milk Chocolate with Flor de Sal comes to us from the land of Perú, an area known for its mystical qualities and undisturbed treasures.  Fruition Chocolate Works blends its love of dark chocolate with cacao beans sourced from local farmers within the region. With 60-70% of its cacao being exported, Perú is the world’s largest organic cacao producer.

While being 56% cacao, Fruition dark milk chocolate with flor de sal is still considered a dark chocolate bar.  Made with organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, whole milk powder, cacao butter, salt and whole vanilla beans, this dark chocolate bar has aromas and flavors of roasted caramel, papaya, tamarind, mocha, and apricot.

According to Fruition Chocolate Works, this dark milk chocolate bar “straddles the line between light and dark chocolate… accented by the addition of warm Peruvian spring salt”.

Made in the USA, Fruition Chocolate Works dark-milk chocolate bar has won numerous awards, including 2017 International Chocolate Bronze Medal Award, no small feat for a small bean-to-bar company.

A real delight, the combination of savory and sweet elements will make this a fan favorite of chocolate lovers everywhere.  Exceptional with a cup of coffee, melted and drizzled over your favorite scoop of ice cream or a glass of your favorite wine, Fruition Chocolate Works dark-milk chocolate bar is an experience.  Treat yourself to a gift from the Gods, it only takes a moment to taste, a lifetime to savor.

Bar Type

Dark-Milk Chocolate





Made in







Chicory, mineral, dairy


Roasted caramel, papaya, tamarind, mocha, apricot.


Gold Medal - Good Food Awards 2013

2017 - Bronze: International Chocolate Awards, World Final (Milk chocolate bars with an infusion or flavoring)


Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Salt, Whole Vanilla Beans


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