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Letterpress Dark Chocolate - Ucayali, Perú

Letterpress Dark Chocolate - Ucayali, Perú

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     In 2015, Letterpress chocolate stumbled across cacao beans originating from a region located deep in the Amazon Rainforest, amidst the dense jungle. Paying homage to its heritage by bearing its namesake Ucayali, Perú, this five (5) time award-winning dark chocolate bar created by Letterpress chocolate has hints of star anise, cinnamon, and mocha. Where are all these flavors coming from?... the cacao bean itself and possibly the use of cedar boxes during the fermentation process.

     This special blend of rich dark chocolate and unusual spices needed a package design worthy of its origins. Using a pattern borrowed from the indigenous Shipibo people from Ucayali, Letterpress chocolate created a fantastic geometric model for the hand-wrapping used in their precious dark chocolate bar. A feat which garnered Letterpress chocolate the 2017 Academy of Chocolate Gold Medal for the Ucayali packaging.
     Watered by the magical waters of the Amazon River, the cacao trees in Ucayali produce a unique flavor that has caught on and now thanks to Letterpress chocolate, you can enjoy the taste of this amazing dark chocolate bar. Made from certified organic unrefined cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, and authentic Ucayali cacao beans, the Ucayali, Perú dark chocolate bar, goes excellent alone, or you might consider combining it with a glass of wine with flavors that range from floral to fruity. When you’re looking to get away, or just some quiet time to contemplate your day, ground yourself with the incredible taste of Ucayali, Perú dark chocolate.

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in







Yeast, compost


Star Anise, Mocha, Pepper, Cedar


International Chocolate Awards - Triple MMM Judges Award 2017
International Chocolate Awards - USA Gold 2017
International Chocolate Awards - Americas Silver 2017 Academy of Chocolate 2017 Gold Award Winner

2017 - Silver: International Chocolate Awards, World Final (Micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bars)


Cacao beans, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter


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