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Dandelion Dark Chocolate - Madagascar

Dandelion Dark Chocolate - Madagascar

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There are few places in the world more awe-inspiring than the island of Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world. Home to species of animals not found anywhere else on the planet, it is from this special place that Dandelion small-batch chocolate has brought us a truly unique tasting experience. The cacao beans that go into the Ambanja, Madagascar dark chocolate bar is sourced from the Bertil Akesson Organic Estate, a relatively large farm in the Sambirano Valley, located in the north part of the island, with trees that are up to 80 years old.

With each harvest, there are subtle flavor changes to its trademark bright fruit and punchy acidic taste. Approximately 400 ripe pods are cut down each morning during harvest and quickly moved through the process of fermentation and drying. Using Madagascar’s hot, dry climate, the cacao beans are fermented for six (6) days using boxes in a four (4) tiered style, then, they are spread out on concrete floors in full view of the sun. The result is a consistent, optimally-fermented bean, and dried to perfection cacao that’s ready to be transformed into a dark chocolate bar worth its weight in gold.

Sun-infused and processed through Dandelion small-batch chocolate's exhaustive processes, Ambanja, Madagascar is a dark chocolate bar with hints of ripe strawberries, tart yogurt, and a sweet peachy finish. We could tell you this is an exceptional dark chocolate bar to savor, but if seeing is believing, then tasting is… well, tasting would be a whole other story.

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Dark Chocolate





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Citrus and tangy red fruits – like strawberries, raspberry jam




Cocoa bean, cane sugar


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