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Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Fleur de Sal

Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Fleur de Sal

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Some flavor combinations are merely classic and will stand the test of time, like apple and cinnamon, chocolate and coffee, or strawberries and cream for example. Well, a new flavor hit the US market recently, and there is no doubt it is here to stay. Dark chocolate and salt. The richness of the dark chocolate combined with the bursts of salt offers excitement for the taste buds that everyone will want to savor.

The Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel is a craft dark chocolate bar that seeks to use the finest organic cacao. Then, in order to make sure the consumer can genuinely taste the uniqueness of the bean, Dick Taylor limits the number of additional ingredients. A bit of organic cane sugar for sweetness and a pinch of sea salt to model that beloved dark chocolate & salt combination.

Dick Taylor believes only the finest cacao beans should be used in their products and that philosophy extends to their Guatemalan sea salt. Harvested by hand and brought to Northern California by the Bitterman Salt Co. all ingredients, even those collected by other businesses are the purest on the market. Guaranteeing you will receive the highest quality dark chocolate. Expelling all preservatives, additives, and impurities from your experience, allowing the customer to truly enjoy what real dark chocolate should taste like.

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Dark Chocolate-Flavored





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Smoky espresso, leather, cherry, salt




Organic cacao, organic cane sugar & sea salt


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