How is the best chocolate in the world made?

How is the best chocolate in the world made?

To make the best chocolate in the world first you need good-quality cacao beans. Usually, high-quality chocolate makers pay premium prices to obtain high-quality cacao beans.  Once a chocolate maker finds the right seeds; they want to make sure before the cacao seeds reach their facility, that they are well harvested, usually fermented 3 to 5 days, and finally dried, which could happen with natural sunlight, fire or another drying method.  All these steps are crucial to producing the best chocolate in the world.

Once in the chocolate-making site, the maker carefully selects the cacao beans.  They often choose the best seeds and clean them from debris; then, they roast them, and this is a very individual and unique step that will change the final flavor of the best chocolate. During the roasting process, the shell separates from the core, and then the seeds are cracked resulting in cacao nibs which are then winnowed separating the two components.

The following steps in the chocolate-making method include grinding the cacao nibs which creates the famous "cacao liquor" and then pressing it which separates the liquid fat (cacao butter) from the solid (cacao mass).

Subsequently, the chocolate maker will have to decide on the right combination of solid and liquid parts, as well as adding the right amount of sugar that will highlight the cacao flavors, making the best chocolate in the world.  During this mixing, rolling and conching (a unique action in chocolate making that enhances the aromas and flavors) the chocolate obtains its final character. The makers could add other inclusions during this part of the process.

Finally, the best chocolate in the world is tempered or solidified, as well as molded into its final solid bar shape which can be consumed or used for confections.

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