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How to relief your cough [😷] while having a unique dark 🍫 chocolate experience and benefit

Today, I'm going to review and show how dark chocolate can help you fight the annoying lingering cough. 

Bee's pure honey, ginger, lemon; those are a few of the many home remedies that we use when we suffer from coughing, usually during cold weather. Wouldn't it be incredible that dark chocolate, in a matter of a few days or weeks, could be that treatment too?  

Dark chocolate lovers and cough sufferers will celebrate with this news because, once again, our favorite snack is the solution. 


Let's get into the nitty-gritty of this unique dark chocolate benefit.

In 2011, researchers from the British Thoracic Society of London presented a study of 300 people with a persistent cough. In this clinical trial at 13 UK public hospitals, scientists gave participants natural theobromine extracted from dark chocolate, twice daily for two weeks. 

Sixty (60) percent!!! of patients experienced cough relief. The approximate dose of theobromine (from theobroma cacao 💪) used during the study was 1,000 mg. As a reference, 1 oz of dark chocolate could have somewhere between 200-400 mgs of theobromine, depending on the cacao percentage (%) of your chocolate.  

This isn't new because, in 2010, the BBC published the release of a modern theobromine-based cough medicine. It cited that the British Agency for Medicines and Health Products (MHRA) reported that common cough syrups based on codeine may involve more risks than benefits. We require an alternative.

Therefore, BC1036, a theobromine-based treatment, came into the market. It works by inhibiting the vagus nerve, which in turn can control persistent coughing.

The initial studies included 163 people who joined a randomized controlled trial (the best medical evidence we could get). Patients suffering from colds and coughs felt significantly better WITHIN TWO [2] DAYS when taking the dark chocolate-based medicine. 


Professor Alyn Morice, head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull and a founding member of the International Society for Cough Study, spoke about the need for new drugs. Various studies show that cocoa (a.k.a cacao) is the best solution to calm the cough. 

According to Prof. Morice, the medical explanation is based on the fact that theobromine present in cocoa protects the throat's nerve endings that cause the need to cough.


Lastly, Unicough is a medicine available in the UK. It's approved because it showed that the medication reduces cough frequency and sleep disruption. The latter is one of the most disrupting consequences of a chronic persistent cough. 

Moreover, twice as many patients who took this "dark chocolate" or cacao-based syrup stopped the treatment due to its benefits. They discontinued using the syrup earlier because their cough was gone.


People who consume real dark chocolate every day continue to enjoy the benefits. You might be surprised, but I assure you that I don't see such consistent data about any treatment as a physician. Thinking about what I'm writing in this article, I realized that I don't have a cough very often. I am sure it's because I make sure I get my daily dose of dark chocolate.

Now it's your turn! Whenever you have a cough that is not going away, try a natural solution like dark chocolate. I suggest you get THIS XocolAtl Dark Chocolate that contains 70% cacao from Perú and see the benefits for yourself.

Keep enjoying #TheGoodnessOfLife without coughing! 


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