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How YOU can become more CREATIVE by eating 1 piece of DARK CHOCOLATE every day

     Today, I will tell you how I plan to become more creative with my daily dark chocolate consumption. Usually, I eat about two or three pieces of craft chocolate daily, which I think is a great way to cultivate my creativity.

     Although I come from the scientific world, data, results, and evidence, every day, I:

  • Think about unusual names, and dig deep in my taste memories to describe the taste of a piece of chocolate like olives, raisins, or guava instead of saying, "It tastes like chocolate."
  • Find new solutions to prevent the chocolate from melting when we ship them.
  • Imagine craft chocolate stories that I can share with my children, family, or friends.


     And as I always do when a question comes to my mind, I did some research. Is there improvement in thought processing while consuming dark chocolate? Here's what I found:

FACT #1: Dark chocolate stimulates brain activity

     In 2012, a study published by The New England Journal of Medicine found that locations where chocolate consumption was higher, had the most significant number of Nobel Prize winners. Although this may be a coincidence, we have already discussed in a previous article (HERE) how this food contributes to brain function, so we could not rule out such a relationship. It is either that dark chocolate helps your brain or brainy people like dark chocolate... I take any of the two!

     The observation is: Real chocolate stimulates brain activity because cacao is a rich source of natural neuroprotective compounds. Under that premise, several researchers have been working on demonstrating it by analyzing flavanols.

FACT #2: The more chocolate a country consumes, the more chances it has to win Nobel prizes (no joke)

     In his research, cardiologist Franz H. Messerli states that a country's number of Nobel laureates can estimate the proportion of its population with a higher cognitive level.

     This study, published by the Massachusetts medical journal, included chocolate and its relationship to cognitive ability concluding that the more chocolate eaten per capita, the more Nobel winners. Dr. Messerli gathered data from all Nobel Laureates through 2011 and chocolate consumption in 22 countries. The association of these two facts was linear and statistically significant.

     For example, Switzerland's chocolate consumption is the highest. That country also has the most Nobel prize winners per capita. The study by Messerli and his collaborators includes comments such as "0.4 kilos of chocolate per person per year would be required to increase the number of Nobel laureates in a country by one." That is one (1) gram of dark chocolate per day, and you can be on your way to a Nobel Prize.

     The Swiss researcher concludes that this chocolate-Nobel prize relationship is no coincidence and argues that the results show that variables are related. He disclosed that he is an avid dark chocolate consumer.  

FACT #3: Chocolate is known for improving cognitive function

     Dark chocolate is one of the most effective foods to help you focus on tasks and reduce brain fog. It improves your blood flow and oxygenation. So if you're looking for better memory, sharper attention, concentration, and reasoning, dark chocolate it is!

     It is even recommended to prevent chronic illnesses related to the brain like Alzheimer's (HERE).


     I am, for sure, not working to win a Nobel prize. Still, I want to keep my mind as sharp as possible and promote my curiosity and creativity. I find that eating the best dark chocolates is a powerful tool for daily activities. 

     William Charles Franklyn Plomer, a South African and British author, once said, "creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected." 

     If that means I will be able to solve problems easier or create fun activities to enjoy with my family, then let it be!

     There's even this crazy thought I have about dedicating most of my retirement years to draw. I think a boost of creativity by eating dark chocolate will be helpful in that situation too. 

     I believe real dark chocolate benefits have no limits. That's why I do not hesitate to give my kids small amounts of good quality dark chocolate daily. What if they are future "Nobels?" I will keep an eye on the new research and eat my daily chocolate bar to cultivate my children's creativity. 


  • My children's favorite hazelnut dark chocolate spread  just in case you're looking for a creativity booster these days.
  • One creativity session with my friend Martha Lluch.  One time, we drew what it felt like to eat a piece of delicious chocolate HERE great if you're looking for some self-indulgence




Chocolate Consumption, Cognitive Function, and Nobel Laureates
F.H. Messerli N Engl J Med 2012; 367:1562-1564


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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