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Dandelion Dark Chocolate - Maya Mountain

Dandelion Dark Chocolate - Maya Mountain

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The Dandelion Maya Mountain dark chocolate bar comes to us from the Dandelion Chocolate collection. The cacao beans used to make this bar come sourced from over 350 producers located in the Toledo region of Belize and is exported through Maya Mountain Cacao, Ltd. (MMC). Dandelion Chocolate ensures the high quality of this dark chocolate bar by guaranteeing each sourced cacao bean is sustainably farmed.

Unlike other companies, the role of fermentation is not handled by the farmers but instead MMC, the result is a centralized location in which they are able to have complete control over producing consistently high quality dried and fermented cacao bean. Small, high-quality batches of the cacao beans then go through a process of carefully sorting, roasting, cracking, grinding, and tempering. The resulting dar chocolate bar bears a striking resemblance to its name, big, bold and hard to miss.

The Dandelion Chocolate Maya Mountain dark chocolate bar has hints of ripe pineapple, chocolate undertones, with a peaches and cream finish. Made with just two ingredients (70%) cacao beans and (30%) sugar, no cocoa butter, no lecithin, no vanilla, the Maya Mountain dark chocolate bar is just pure unadulterated velvety chocolate goodness that won the "MMM" award from the International Chocolate Awards in 2017.

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in



Unknown (Trinitario blend)






Honey and caramel with notes of strawberries and cream.


Silver - International Chocolate Awards Plain/origin dark chocolate bars 2017

2017 - World Gold M.M.MDandelion Chocolate


Cocoa bean, cane sugar


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