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Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Brazil Fazenda Camboa

Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Brazil Fazenda Camboa

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Imagine you come home at the end of a long day. You may have had a meeting go wrong or spent your lunch break over a wilted salad. The kids are fighting, or the washing machine broke again. No matter what you need a break from, treat yourself to something of value. Skip the junk food or the binging in front of the television. What you really need is a moment to experience real quality in Dick Taylor’s Brazil Fazenda Caomboa dark chocolate bar.

Indulge in something so pure it only has two ingredients organic cacao and organic cane sugar. The cacao beans are harvested from Brazil on the Carvalho family farm, which has been in operations since 1942. Their rich history and craftsmanship have brought out some incredible flavors in our Dick Taylor’s dark chocolate.

As your night comes to an end, break out the Dick Taylor Brazil Fazenda Caomboa dark chocolate bar. As you open the elegant packaging, you may smell hints of sweet honeysuckle. A bite into the bar will overwhelm your taste buds with the rich dark chocolate flavor, sprinkled with hints of fresh grape or earthy walnut. This high-end dark chocolate treat will give you a moment to yourself.

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in









Fresh grape, walnut


Silver - International Chocolate Awards Plain/origin dark chocolate bars 2017


Organic Cacao, organic cane sugar


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