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Franceschi Dark Chocolate - Premium Choroní

Franceschi Dark Chocolate - Premium Choroní

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Some dark chocolate bars are filled with sugar and flavorings. Designed specifically for those who have a primary sweet tooth. Other bars want you to enjoy an experience. Created for the sophisticated palate that realizes there are so many different flavors and combinations to enjoy. The creators, they want you to notice a difference in their carefully selected beans and allow the natural flavors to come through - do all the talking.

Those over at Franceschi have found a way to bring out whole new flavors from their favorite cacao beans originating in Venezuela. These beans are smoked, toasted, and mildly astringent. The dark chocolate bar itself will give off an earthy-woody aroma. Another deep inhale of the bar’s scent, and you may pick up on those hints of grass or even cashew.

Take a bite into the Choroní dark chocolate. Somehow Franceschi found a way to combine cacao mass, cacao butter, and sugar to bring you to a creamy, fresh almond, sort of “cafe con leche” flavor. This woodsy bar will have you reminiscing about camping as a child on those long summer nights. Maybe it takes you back to that incredible smoked BBQ you had years ago. The Choroní dark chocolate bar is both a flavor and an experience!

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in



Choroní (Criollo)




Wood, grass, cashew


Cream, "Cafe con leche", wood, almond




Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar


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