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Castronovo Dark Chocolate - Nicalizo, Nicaragua - Signature Collection

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     Nicaragua has quickly become recognized for producing some incredible criollo cacao beans, initially thought to be unique form the upper Amazon basin. Which is where this dark chocolate bar, the Nicalizo, comes from. Now as part of Castronovo's Signature Dark Chocolate Collection, its complexity of flavor has done it many awards and kept our loyal customer wondering how it could get any better.

     Made from only the freshest ingredients, the organic cacao beans come from Central America, while our organic cane sugar and organic cacao butter make the dark chocolate bar precisely what it is today.

     While this dark chocolate has an aroma resembling roasted nuts, the flavor is much more complex. Take a bite, what do you taste? Ask your friends. You all may find different pleasant flavors seeing as this dark chocolate bar brings you hints of plum, cherry, butteriness of toasted toffee, spiced pink peppercorn, and roasted walnut. A combination achieved by a sophisticated pallet, but easily enjoyed but the everyday chocolate connoisseur.

     The Nicalizo dark chocolate bar has brought home the silver in the International Chocolate Awards Americas & Asia Pacific Semifinals in 2017, the silver in the Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2017 and 2018, and the Bronze in the 2017 International Chocolate Awards World Finals.

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in







Roasted nuts


Plum, cherry with rich buttery notes of toasted toffee, a little spice of pink peppercorn, and a lovely roasted walnut long-lasting finish


Silver Winner of the International Chocolate Awards Americas & Asia Pacific Semifinals 2017 (single-origin micro-batch dark chocolate)
Silver Winner of the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2017 & 2018 (London) Dark Bean to Bar under 80% Category

2017 - Bronze Winner of the International Chocolate Awards - World Final (single-origin micro-batch dark chocolate)


Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter


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