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Marou Dark Chocolate - Tiên Giang

Marou Dark Chocolate - Tiên Giang

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** Our chocolate is meticulously stored to ensure a long shelf life without compromising its quality. Although food products require a "best by" date, our chocolate remains fresh and delicious. This dark chocolate bar has exceeded its "best by" date. Still, we guarantee its exceptional taste and offer you a discounted price. The regular price will resume once we sell out and obtain the latest batch. You can trust that every bite of our chocolate will satisfy your cravings and exceed your expectations.


We decided to include this Marou Dark Chocolate from Tiên Giang province in Vietnam after our clients mentioned it during the Miami Chocolate Festival in 2020.

He said that when he visited Vietnam a few years back, it was one of his best chocolate experiences!

We certainly want to bring you similar experiences, which is why Marou Dark Chocolate - TienGiang is here! With its 70% cacao content and a small amount of sugar, this dark chocolate will benefit your health like no other.

Just two ingredients will give you a flavor experience, from exotic spices to berry fruits and honey's sweet flavor.

Now you don't need to travel to Vietnam. Just get this unique dark chocolate bar, and you will travel with a chocolate experience in the comfort of your home.

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in



Hydrid (T-clonal series)






Honey, berry, spices




Cacao nibs, sugar, cacao butter

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