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White Label Dark Chocolate - Tanzania Kilombero

White Label Dark Chocolate - Tanzania Kilombero

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Have you ever tried a bar of dark chocolate made with Tanzanian cacao?

White Label chocolate and its attention to detail and its contribution to the international fine-flavor cacao industry bring us one of the best dark chocolate bars made with cacao from Tanzania.

With a clean and sleek package design that is perfect for keeping what it’s left after you try the first piece of chocolate, White Label from Santa Barbara, California, will mesmerize you with such a bar of unique chocolate.

Learn to savor East Africa’s cacao flavor with a single piece of dark chocolate. Made from Amelonado and Nacional beans grown and harvested in the Kilombero Valley, you will undoubtedly feel a broad array of aroma and flavors. These notes include citrus, graham, and cacao, and thick + sweet condensed cream.

Receive all the dark chocolate benefits with a single bar!

** Chocolate never expires as long as it's kept at the right temperature and not exposed to direct light. We keep our chocolate this way. However, chocolate artisans have to use a "best by" (or expiration) date in the food products. The "best by" of our current Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Brazil Fazenda Camboa has passed; therefore, we offer it to you with a discount. A regular fair price will resume once we sell out and obtain the newest batch.

Our chocolate is meticulously stored to ensure a long shelf life without compromising its quality. Although food products require a "best by" date, our chocolate remains fresh and delicious. This dark chocolate bar has exceeded its "best by" date. Still, we guarantee its exceptional taste and offer you a discounted price. The regular price will resume once we sell out and obtain the latest batch. You can trust that every bite of our chocolate will satisfy your cravings and exceed your expectations.


Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in









Citrus peel, graham, cocoa, condensed cream


2019 - International Chocolate Awards - Americas - Bronze


Cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cacao butter

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