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Luisa Abram Dark Chocolate - Rio Tocantins

Luisa Abram Dark Chocolate - Rio Tocantins

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Luisa Abram is not your usual artisan chocolate maker. She lives in Brazil, a cacao-growing country, and she makes chocolate in Sao Paulo. Even though it is far, Brazil is a vast country, she travels to the Amazon jungle and sources small lots of wild cacao grown in the rain forest. Through many different connections, including her own family, she can find unique cacao beans in the “middle of nowhere.” By doing this, she helps the farmers transform them is exceptional beans. She does this by supporting and training the cacao workers with better harvesting, fermenting, and drying techniques. She usually follows every single step until the bean has reached its full genetic potential.

The wild cacao used in this bar comes from the area watered by Rio Tocantins in the north-east part of Brazil. This river is actually south of the Amazon river, one of its lower basin tributaries.

We first tried this dark chocolate bar in the NW Chocolate Festival in November of 2019. The bright pink packaging caught our attention. Also, the fact that the back includes nutrition facts.

Then, there she was, Luisa herself explaining everything about the chocolates she makes. She described this bar to us a being like a perfect “glass of wine” since it has sweet, spices aromas and flavors. Then one of those pleasant tannin sensations at the end, leaving you a long-lasting dark chocolate experience.

For us, it brings some “rain forest” aromas, earthy, and we agree with Luisa with the sweet and citrus nature of the flavors and disappear, leading to gentle tannins in your palate. For those of you looking for low sugar, high fiber, and high cacao percentage dark chocolate benefits, this is your best choice.

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Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in





70 & 81




Spices, licorice, tannins, citric fruits, red wine




Cacao bean, organic sugar cane and organic cacao butter

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