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Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Northerner Blend

Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Northerner Blend

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** Chocolate never expires as long as it's kept at the right temperature and not exposed to direct light. We keep our chocolate this way. However, chocolate artisans have to use a "best by" (or expiration) date in the food products. The "best by" of our current Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate - Northerner Blend has passed; therefore, we offer it to you with a discount. A regular fair price will resume once we sell out and obtain the newest batch.

Perfect for a Sunday morning, alone or with family, Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate "The Northerner" will be your solution when searching for a nicely done real chocolate bar.

Dick Taylor dark chocolates use the finest cacao and a contemporary take on legendary European technique; they are capable of recognizing the potential of the cacao beans they source adequately.

This dark chocolate is meticulously crafted directly from the bean in a small factory in Eureka, Humboldt County, part of Northern California. "The Northerner" dark chocolate utilizes a balanced blend of organic cacao beans sourced from Madagascar and Brazil.  These "trinitarian" beans are roasted in-house to bring the best flavors to your mouth.

As they are classically known by now, Dick Taylor's vintage-looking packing, like the ship from the 1800s represented in the dark chocolate's name, will delight you with its look and feel.

This 73% dark chocolate bar, like all other Dick Taylor chocolates, will impress you with its pattern, unmistakable! Dark brown as expected for a 73% bar and then a crisp snap will take you to a fruity aroma, described by the chocolate maker as dried apricots. The flavor is dominated by sweet, honey, although for us, coming from South America, the sweetness matches more raw sugar, known as "papelón" in some countries.   You should not miss the clear cacao or real chocolate notes at the end of your tasting experience with this dark chocolate bar. The texture is one of our favorite features of most, if not all, Dick Taylor's chocolates, and this is no exception.

Why are you still thinking about what to do on a Sunday morning? Get your "Northerner" dark chocolate bar, and we will take it directly to your door.

 Bar Type

 Dark Chocolate


 Blend (Madagascar and Brazil)



 Made in









 Dry Apricot, honey, cacao


 2018 Good Food Awards


 Cacao beans, unrefined organic cane sugar

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