A magnificent chocolate lover subscription box will automatically arrive every month to your door after you have signed up to our chocolate club.  Our chocolate experts carefully select these chocolate bars guided by simple criteria: few ingredients used, amazingly fine and unique flavors, sustainable practices.  As a result, a significant number of these artisanal chocolates have received awards from world chocolate experts. Then, every month, you will enjoy your chocolate lover subscription box, alone or with others, the pleasure of these craft chocolate bars and receive the health benefits from cacao, "the food of the gods."

Only three simple steps are needed:

  1. Chose the plan with the number of chocolate bars you would like to receive each month; either three (3) or Five (5) bars.
  2. Select the length of commitment with Club ChoKolate: monthly, 6-months, or 12-months.
  3. Process your payment
We highly recommend you create an account with us, so we can both track your history throughout this experience and tailor your chocolate bar selection based on your taste.

We will strive to fix and ship your finely-made chocolate box the next Monday after making your initial purchase (If it is a US holiday it will go out on Tuesday). After, we will charge your credit card (or any other form of payment) during the first week of every month, and your unique craft chocolate box will be sent the week after.

Contact us at info@clubchokolate.com to request your chocolate subscription box