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US MAKER - Dark Chocolate Gift Set

US MAKER - Dark Chocolate Gift Set

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This set showcases one of the best group of US artisan chocolate makers of today. All four dark chocolate bars have received awards recently, demonstrating the quality of these chocolate makers.

It includes dark chocolate bars made all around the United States of America, from California and Utah to Florida and Vermont. These artisans have reached a level of sophistication that you won't believe what they have achieved with their chocolate-making techniques, and the aromas and flavors they have been able to develop in these unique chocolate bars.

Using mostly single-origin cacao beans, the chocolate makers will take you, with each dark chocolate bar, through a trip around the world. They have personally sourced cacao beans from remote places like Madagascar, Belize, Venezuela, or Papua New Guinea. Each chocolate is like transporting yourself to the terroir of origin.

You or your loved ones will be amazed, not only with the chocolates themselves but with the level of perfection that these artisans treat the dark chocolate bars. They are all prepared in beautifully designed packages that highlight the features of each bar like cacao percentage, cacao bean origin, aroma and flavor notes. Also, you would like to keep some of these packing units since they are a work of art on their own merit.

This collection will take you to taste one of the best variety of US chocolate makers, and you will notice the differences between the distinct dark chocolate aromas, flavorings, and textures.

**We might change the content of this set depending on availability.  If needed, the contents of this gift set might vary according to Club ChoKolate's inventory.  If you would like to select specific chocolate bars, please contact us at, and we will try to accommodate your request.
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