US MAKER - Dark Chocolate Gift Set

This set showcases one of the best group of US artisan chocolate makers of today.  All four dark chocolate bars have received awards recently, demonstrating the quality of these chocolate makers.  It includes the "Morobe" bar made by famous bean-to-bar chocolate maker Art Pollard.  In this bar, Art uses a hybrid cacao providing your palate aromas and flavors reminiscent of different citric fruits. Then, the two-ingredient "Mantuano" and "Maya Mountain Belize" dark chocolate bars made by Dandelion in California.  These two bars manufactured with the same technique and having 70% cacao content will show you how unique chocolates can be.  You will feel from fruity to nutty flavors when tasting them.  The "Maya Mountain Belize" chocolate bar won the prestigious M.M.M award in the 2017 International Chocolate Awards competition.  Lastly, the "Brazil Fazenda" from Dick Taylor.  This one-of-a-kind chocolate is made with a hybrid cacao and has a sophisticated blend of honey and nuts notes that you don’t often find. As one of their special dark chocolate bars, this represents a finite amount of gourmet chocolate bars produced. It somehow captures the flavors and feels from Brazil. This collection will take you to taste one of the best variety of US chocolate makers, and you will notice the differences between the distinct dark chocolate aromas, flavorings, and textures.


**We might change the content of this set depending on availability.  If needed, we will substitute any of the listed bars with a similar dark chocolate.  If you would like to select different chocolate bars, please contact us at, and we will try to accommodate your request.

** Price includes gift wrapping