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Castronovo Dark Chocolate - Soconusco, Mexico - Signature Collection

Castronovo Dark Chocolate - Soconusco, Mexico - Signature Collection

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Denise Castronovo, the founder and owner of the Castronovo Chocolate, had a heck of a journey. From a child who enjoyed the flavors to a professor. She also ran the Geographic information center at Tufts University. But Boston was cold, so Denise and her husband moved to Florida. That was the time she rediscovered her passion for chocolate. But she didn't just want to make fine dark chocolates, she wanted to combine her experiences as a professor with her love chocolate and create chocolates from the origin. She has set high standards for the cacao beans used in the creation of her unique chocolate bars. From sustainability to flavors, everything is weighed and considered. 

Her new Dark Chocolate Signature Collection Soconusco 70% is all the rage at the moment. This bar rightly created from and named after the region the cacao is found in, has bright and vibrant flavors. The Soconusco chocolate bar takes us back to in time 4,000 years ago, in Soconusco, Mexico. The Aztec Emperor demanded it as the tribute after he conquered the area, that was when it was recognized. 

The collection of chocolates is wrapped into her signatures boxes, and the "envelope" visually remind us of the past. In this dark chocolate bar, you will experience a mix of exotic flavors like citrus tamarind, but also buttery caramel, walnuts, plum, and vanilla. What a well-balanced combination of characters from a single bar of chocolate. Remember, all this flavor explosion comes mainly from the cacao beans. 

Denise Castronovo personally introduced this bar to us right before the Miami Internation Chocolate Festiva in 2019. We were impressed, like with most of Castronovo's chocolate line. The ingredients used to create the bar are organic, and the creator has given thought to the allergens, and it contains no wheat, nuts, gluten, or soy. 

Trust us, with this dark chocolate, all your dreams will come true. When will you try it?

  Bar Type

  Dark Chocolate





  Made in









  Plum, walnut, citrus, buttery caramel, tamarind and vanilla


  Academy of Chocolate and International Chocolate Awards


  Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

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