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Franceschi Dark Chocolate - Premium Ocumare

Franceschi Dark Chocolate - Premium Ocumare

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Imagine yourself relaxing on a stretch of white sand beach along the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean where warm, gentle winds carry the sweet scent of tropical fruit through the air. Now, imagine dark chocolate that will transport you to this very spot as it slowly melts in your mouth.

Imagine no more. From the moment you set your eyes on the clean, simple lines of the Franceschi label you’ll be reminded of the picturesque Venezuelan coastline set at the foot of the mountains. It was there, in the small town of Ocumare de la Costa, where the single origin Ocumare cacao was first discovered.

Each bite of this dark chocolate unleashes an exotic blend of delicately-roasted nuts, the subtle flavor of a perfectly-ripened banana, and a full, fruity aroma that lingers long after you’ve devoured the dark chocolate bar. Like all of their products, each Ocumare dark chocolate bar is imprinted with the initial of the Franceschi namesake, known worldwide for harvesting the rare Criollo bean. Remember, Ocumare cacao is a strain of the Criollo variety.

The tropical climate of Aragua state in northwestern Venezuela yields abundant crops of Ocumare beans that are carefully crafted into Franceschi’s signature square-shaped bars. Aragua is also home to Henri Pittier National Park, the oldest of its kind in Venezuela. Swiss biologist Henri Pittier is credited with identifying 30,000 plant species in Venezuela and founded Venezuela’s National Park System.

So, if you feel yourself yearning for a taste of the natural beauty and wonder of the continental Caribbean, reach for the Ocumare dark chocolate bar, it will take you there in no time.

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in



Ocumare (Criollo)




Citric, fruity




Silver - International Chocolate Awards Plain/origin dark chocolate bars 2014


Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar


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