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French Broad Dark Chocolate - Costa Rica

French Broad Dark Chocolate - Costa Rica

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Dan and Jael are partners in life. They are family in mind, body, and soul, and the French Broad Chocolate factory was their unrealized dream. They started the journey towards the factory in 2003. It took them a few years to come up with these delicious chocolate bites, but it finally arrived in 2012. 

The French Broad Chocolate Costa Rica Bar is made at their Chocolate Factory in Asheville, NC. The lengthy journey to this dark chocolate bar is one that starts with fine flavor cacao beans. They are hand-sorted, roasted in convection ovens, fed into a winnower, milled into narrow particles, refined, tempered, molded, and then placed into the elegant packaging. 

Let's talk about where Dan and Jael find the beans. At some point in the dark chocolate journey, they decided to connect to the origins. They spent a lot of time in central and south America, creating bonds with knowledgeable farmers that grow a quality product. As many bean-to-bar chocolate makers, they pay premium prices for better quality cacao beans. 

The Costa Rica bar is wrapped into a fiber-based cellophane bag. The wrapper is compostable and heat-sealed. Once more, an initiative was taken by the owners to deliver eco-friendly chocolate bars. It is also placed into a tasteful clamshell box made from gold-foil. 

With French Broad, every dark chocolate bar is a celebration. It's more than just chocolate; it is a way of living the goodness of life, where every single part of it takes into account the environment. 

The Costa Rica origin bar brings forth two tantalizing flavors: crunchy chocolate wafer cookies and tart raspberry. This dark chocolate bar is made from just cacao and sugar, which means that what you experience comes solely from these two ingredients. This is vegan-friendly chocolate.

  Bar Type

  Dark Chocolate


  Costa Rica



  Made in







  Wood, leather, earth


  Chocolate wafer cookies, tart raspberry, coffee




  Cacao, sugar

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