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French Broad Dark Chocolate - Malted Milk

French Broad Dark Chocolate - Malted Milk

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Dan and Jael have come a long way from the days of owning a Breakfast and Desserts place. They have grown as a business and a family. But they still remember the past, it was their journey to The French Broad Chocolate that made the bars a reality today.

In 2012, Dan and Jael had an epiphany about converting "beans-to-bars," and what a delight that has been. One such pleasure is their French Broad Chocolate Malted Milk Bar. The cacao beans used in these bars usually come from ancient regions in South America, particularly Perú. 

Then, the barley malts are locally received from Riverbend Malt House, which provided Heritage barley, locally milled by a local grain miller, Carolina Ground. This tasty dark milk chocolate bar is made at their Chocolate Factory in North Carolina. Creating these bars is a complicated endeavor. The majority of the work is done with beans that have to be sorted, roasted, winnowed, milled, refined, conched, tempered, and then molded. 

Wrapped into a plant-based cellophane bag sealed with heat, this dark milk chocolate bar, is packed into a tasteful clamshell box crafted from gold foil. The chocolate bar is like nirvana to your taste buds, and we can honestly say the same about the delightful packaging. It is an art meant to be viewed by chocolate lovers. 

The French Broad Chocolate Malted Milk is an award-winning bar. It won a silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards. The aroma of nutmeg and cinnamon, makes the creamy and malty flavor opens a window to the past when malt stood for a light and a chocolate milkshake. It reminded us of our favorite childhood ice cream. Inspired by beer, this dark milk chocolate gives the beans-to-bar a new meaning.


  Bar Type

  Dark Milk Chocolate





  Made in







  Nutmeg, cinnamon, caramelized toffee


  Cream, chocolate milk shake, toffee, cheesecake


  International Chocolate Awards, Americas


  Sugar, cacao, cocoa butter, non-fat milk powder, malted barley flour, butter oil (milk)

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