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French Broad Dark Chocolate - Perú

French Broad Dark Chocolate - Perú

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Dan and Jael knew that they wouldn't be happy with a degree. So, they packed up and moved towards their ultimate goal. And they were right, their happiness shines through their dark chocolate creations. The French Broad Chocolate Factory launched in 2012, has been their life goal, reaching its heights with the Perú origin bar. 

The French Broad Chocolate Perú Bar is made simply from just two ingredients, sugar, and Peruvian cacao. This bar is created in the recently opened (2018) chocolate factory in Asheville, North Carolina, which we visited in 2019. They also come up with incredible dark chocolate bar ideas at the factory, like this bar which is a "nirvana" for your taste buds. 

The cacao for this chocolate bar comes from CAC Pangoa, a large cooperative that has taken encouraging steps towards devoting a portion of their cacao production to fine flavors varietals. This requires more in-depth attention towards harvesting and fermenting the cacao. In the end, a considerable part of the unique features of this dark chocolate is due to the cacao beans. 

Laid into a tastefully crafted clamshell box made from gold-foil, the Perú bar is heat-sealed into a plant fiber-based cellophane wrapper. The whole experience from opening the box to unwrapping the chocolate is akin to the opening of a gift. Other than the chocolate itself, their initiative to go sustainable makes The French Broad Dark Chocolate Factory a clear winner. 

This French Broad Dark Chocolate - Perú is made from 70% cacao and 30% sugar. The chocolate bar aroma reminds us of cinnamon bark, and then a heavenly combination of flavors like lemon, tart cherry, and let's not forget the creamy cocoa. What are you waiting for?


  Bar Type

  Dark Chocolate





  Made in







  Cinnamon bark


  Lemon, tart cherry, creamy cacao




  Cacao, sugar

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