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French Broad Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt

French Broad Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt

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Dan and Jael's journey started with a Breakfast and Dessert place. They outgrew it and moved on to a chocolate Lounge that kept growing at a fast pace. With the growth of chocolate lounge, which served delicacies in the shape of chocolates, they took a step further. They came up with the idea for converting the cacao bean to a chocolate bar, personally. It is the place where they crafted the French Broad Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar.

The French Broad Chocolate Sea Salt bar is refined and molded into a bar in Asheville, North Carolina. Every decision they make is with the environment in mind. Despite having all that to take care of, they keep coming up with divine new flavors like the Sea Salt bar. 

The Chocolate Factory is a 3-star certified green facility, and their thirst for finding eco-friendly alternatives made them reach out to similarly minded farmers that grow cacao. The Gattigan's spent a lot of time in Central and South America, finding their current sources for cacao. They currently get fine-flavor cacao from multiple sources, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, Perú, and Nicaragua. 

The sea salt in this bar comes from our neighbor state, South Carolina. Within the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, a company called "Bulls Bay Saltworks" collects water and produces one of the healthiest saltwater ecosystems on the east coast. This natural site provides a unique salt with unaffected purity and a distinctive flavor.

Each of the French Broad Chocolate's bars is wrapped into an elegant gold foil-stamped clamshell box. Within the box, you'll find your bar laying in the heat-sealed plant fiber-based cellophane bag. The eco-friendly packaging makes the delicious tasting bag even more attractive. 

The Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bar is the perfect combination of cacao and flake salt. Flake salt sprinkled on 75% of cacao, makes the bar a treat for the taste buds. It brings out the jammy fruit notes, which is a throwback to peanut butter. It is a dairy-free product suitable for vegans. 

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  Dark Chocolate





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  Jammy fruits, peanut butter




  Cacao, Sugar, Sea Salt

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