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Fruition Dark Chocolate - Rustic Crunch

Fruition Dark Chocolate - Rustic Crunch

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SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENT.  THIS BAR IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, and we suggest this one instead for now.  If you got here from our newsletter, then this link will take you to the correct chocolate bar.

Undoubtedly Perú has been identified as a region where cacao beans flourish with a taste and quality unheard of through other areas.  Rightfully so, Perú has over a thousand years head start, and is today still recognized as one of the places where cacao could have been born.  

Fruition Rustic Crunch dark chocolate bar is created of those very same Peruvian cacao beans and is steeped in a delicious combination of chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla.  The taste of cinnamon and vanilla give this dark chocolate masterpiece a distinctly unique flavor, an underlying warmth that lays the foundation for an aromatic experience. Made of coarse stone-ground organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, cacao butter, whole vanilla beans and cinnamon, Rustic Crunch dark chocolate bar dances over your lips and tickles your taste buds leaving you in a relaxed state of mind, rejuvenated and energized.  The crisp addition of cacao nibs adds sophisticated texture to an already unique flavor profile which makes this bar an easy favorite as an everyday snack.

Placed in bio-degradable bags and wrapped in paper designed by local companies, Fruition Chocolate Works is dedicated to providing sustainable great tasting dark chocolate to chocolate lovers everywhere. What better way to relieve those cravings than to treat yourself to a Rustic Crunch dark chocolate bar.

Bar Type

Dark chocolate w/inclusion


Dominican Republic



Made in



Amazon (Forastero)




Banana, clove, cinnamon


Cacao, banana, pineapple




Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Cacao Butter, Whole Vanilla Beans, Cinnamon


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