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Letterpress Dark Chocolate - São Tomé

Letterpress Dark Chocolate - São Tomé

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     Since we tried Letterpress dark chocolate bars for the first time in 2016, we have become one of their number one fanatics. Every single bar they make we want to have a piece, and they have always surprised us with better and interesting bars every time.

     By the time of this writing, they bring the first and only São Tomé dark chocolate bar made in North America. Corey and David had to air freight these precious cacao beans into the United States. Now, where is São Tomé and Príncipe? It is an African island nation located on the western equatorial coast of Africa. It is a former Portuguese colony, and the country has a terrible cast of slavery.

     Now, it has become one of the most stable democracies in Africa, and São Tomé has some of the most particular soil and weather conditions for cacao beans to develop and serve as the source of an unbelievable dark chocolate bar.

     Although the islands remain poor, the plantation or farm called "Satocao" was established in 2015 as a certified organic co-op of over four hundred farmers from seven areas. For the first time, as stated above, we want to reiterate that this fantastic cacao has been brought to the US and made into dark chocolate that we are confident you will enjoy it.

     What aromas and flavors can you expect here? Well, this dark chocolate bar has toast aromas, and then, while tasting, you can fell the caramel flavor, as well as a peanut butter cup described by the chocolate maker himself.

     What are you waiting for? Make sure you add one of these São Tomé Letterpress Dark Chocolate bars to your cart today!

 Bar Type

 Dark Chocolate


 Sāo Tomé



 Made in







 Smoke, toast


 Peanut butter cup, caramel, Nuts




 Cacao beans, unrefine organic cane sugar

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