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Letterpress Dark Chocolate - Costa Rica (Hacienda Azul)

Letterpress Dark Chocolate - Costa Rica (Hacienda Azul)

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David and Corey Menkes are a fantastic couple, owners of the Letterpress Chocolate company. These two had a meeting of minds with their dislike for the artificial store-bought chocolates, full of vanilla, artificial flavors, and sugar. So, they decided to invest in a bean-to-bar chocolate business. The goal? Develop dark chocolate bars that bring us original craftmanship, flavors that would delight our taste buds and keep them wondering.

The Letterpress Chocolate Factory in Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, is where they turn the cacao into a dark chocolate bar. After the cacao is prepared, it is molded into smooth silky-texture dark chocolates. Letterpress Chocolate uses organic ingredients whenever possible.

Letterpress Costa Rica [Hacienda Azul] 70% is made from the now-famous cacao from Hacienda Azul in the small town of Turrialba in the province of Cartago. This village is a couple of hours drive, east of San Jose, Costa Rica's capital. It is managed by the Wilfred Zeuner, whom we met during our trip to visit the plantation (details here). They employ more than 10 people full time. The recognized and reputable CATIE university of agriculture is located here and has provided different clones to the farm. A peculiar part of their steps is that the cacao beans are washed before drying, and they have found this cacao captivating by its versatility.

David, personally hand wraps this limited supply of chocolate bars, it takes him around 70 seconds to cover a bar. He used to be a graphic designer, he loved the quality and handcrafted feel of letterpress printing. That's where the name Letterpress Chocolate comes from, but that's another story. The vintage chocolate wrapper was designed and created by the owner, and it has a South American 1920's air-mail styled stamp on it.

After you take this bar from its package, Costa Rica, Hacienda Azul 70% Dark looks perfectly tempered and with dark brown color. The ingredients include only organic cacao and organic sugar. The flavors in this bar are impressive with tasting notes of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. You won't believe your senses, especially knowing that all is coming from the cacao. It won the Academy of Chocolate GOLD Award in 2019.

The Menken's are masterfully helping change the cacao supply chain with every single bar they make and sell. Do you want to be part of this world-changing movement? Place your order now.

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Dark Chocolate


Costa Rica



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"Chocolatey," dark chocolate-covered sunflower seeds


"Academy of Chocolate - Gold Winne 2019"


Organic cacao bean, organic unrefined cane sugar

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