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Middlebury Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt

Middlebury Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt

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     Have you ever tried the dark chocolate and sea salt combination? Middlebury Chocolates mastered this combination and brought it to its fullest in this unique bar.

     This dark chocolate bar has it all: starting with the "recyclable-looking" packaging and elegant simplicity of the images and information. Middlebury does its magic in the green mountains of Vermont, northeast United States using cacao beans produced sustainably, as well as making sure equitable trade practices are followed.

     At 67% cacao content, this rich dark chocolate comes "naked" inside its "envelop," and highlighted by a delicious sea salt that together delivers caramel feel. It features a blend of organic cacao beans from Central America, The Caribbean, and Africa to produce a combination that is fudgy, fruity, but mildly floral, all at different times during the tasting process.

     You might want to eat it all at once or share with your friends since you won't have a resealable package to keep it. Try this bittersweet chocolate without the bitterness, classically, and sometimes wrongfully, attributed to dark chocolate, but masterfully crafted in this flavorful bar.

     Middlebury claims this dark chocolate is their "#1 selling chocolate, and with good reason!" 

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 Caramel, fudge




 Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter (pressed in-house), sea salt

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