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Middlebury Dark Chocolate - Vanilla

Middlebury Dark Chocolate - Vanilla

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We found Middlebury Chocolates during our tasting and trying expedition through the world of the best dark chocolate. We always want to taste as many chocolates as we can, in pursuit of exceptional quality and flavor. We know it is difficult to buy chocolate without trying them first, but we fell in love with Middlebury dark chocolate presentation, so we decided to give it a try blindly. Ohhh, we were not disappointed. 

This dark chocolate bar brought our "little kid" memories of candy bars. The Tahitian variety of vanilla approaches a fruit flavor. Coming from Vermont, it could be our brain playing a trick; we feel a maple scent that transforms into prominent caramelization on your palate. The texture is sticky at times and helps you explore the fruity and raw sugar combination. In the end, it seems as if a pinch of salt was added, with a final touch of bitterness — a well-balanced bar made with a blend of organic cacao beans from different regions. 

The packaging of this dark chocolate bar is simple but practical — no mess while opening. If you can contain yourself and leave some dark chocolate after opening, you will need your pouch to preserve the freshness and enjoy it later. 

The Middlebury Dark Chocolate - Vanilla Bar continues to be our favorite from this artisan in the Northeast, US. We suggest trying this bar after a stressful day at work when you need to please your sweet tooth cravings as if you were a kid again. Why don't you give it a try?


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 Smoky, sweet vanilla, sweet fruits




 Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter (pressed in-house), organic vanilla beans

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