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Askinosie Chocolate

Askinosie Single Origin Unsweetened Cacao Powder - 100%

Askinosie Single Origin Unsweetened Cacao Powder - 100%

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Askinosie was the first small-batch chocolate maker to make cacao powder from scratch!

 They make natural cacao powder in their factory, using the same beans with which they make their chocolate, creating an authentic single origin cocoa powder with a rich chocolate flavor.

A by-product of pressing cocoa butter (which they are one of the few chocolate makers to do themselves), this cacap powder is unsweetened and non-alkalized and certified Kosher D.E.

This cacao powder is excellent for making hot cocoa, baking gourmet desserts, making sauces for drizzling and filling, dusting onto cakes, ice cream, truffles, dessert martinis, and more. Forget about ordinary cocoa powder, this unsweetened cacao powder is a chocolate lover's dream.

Satisfy your cravings with a rich, authentic taste from the masterful makers at Askinosie. From baking gourmet desserts to livening up your ice cream, this versatile product adds a burst of chocolate flavor to any dish. Plus, not only is it non-alkalized and certified Kosher D.E., it's made using the same high-quality beans as their popular chocolates.

Take your recipes to the next level with Askinosie Single Origin Unsweetened Cacao Powder - 100%!


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