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Love is in the air, AND DARK CHOCOLATE TOO! Especially during the Valentine's Day season.

One of our best moments to enjoy a piece of real dark chocolate is in the morning, before we eat anything, even before brushing our teeth. After a sip of room temperature water, we can sense almost every aroma and flavor of a craft chocolate bar.  

Now, if you add to such a morning, that is Sunday AND Valentine's Day, THEN we got you covered to make your Sunday morning memorable!!!

This unique selection includes dark sipping chocolate, vegan dark-milk chocolate, and one of the world's best milk chocolates.

If you want to surprise your loved one with something unique for this year's Valentine's day, this is the perfect kit for your relationship.

Also, consider our other combinations below:


** Some items might be unavailable by the time of your purchase. If that is the case, we will substitute it with an equal or higher quality product serving the same purpose.

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