VENEZUELA MADE 4-bar Dark Chocolate Set

This four-bar dark chocolate set brings you the best of Venezuelan gourmet chocolate.  It includes two chocolate bars from the Franceschi Fine series and two from their Premium series.  Starts with "Río Caribe," which is made from high-quality Trinitario cacao from the Paria Peninsula, in Venezuela.  "Río Caribe" is minimally processed under an exclusive system of controlled fermentation. It results in a successive discovery of flavors and aromas, reminiscent of spices, raisins and the warm taste of toast.  Then it has the excellent "Sur del Lago" bar, made with a strain of the Trinitario variety from “Lago de Maracaibo." This dark chocolate varietal has creamy texture and aromas and flavors of dried fruits, almonds and honey.  Next, it brings the extra-fine dark chocolate from the “Ocumare” strain of Criollo cacao. This dark chocolate varietal has toasted, fruity and citric aromas and flavors reminiscent of bananas; and finally, the “Choroni” strain, also a Criollo cacao. In this dark chocolate varietal, you will feel smoked, toasted and astringent sensations, with a woodsy taste and aroma.  This set will take you to taste the best flavors of Venezuelan cacao and chocolates, and you will notice the differences between the distinct dark chocolate aromas, flavorings, and textures.


**We might change the content of this set depending on availability.  If needed, we will substitute any of the listed bars with a similar dark chocolate.  If you would like to select different chocolate bars, please contact us at, and we will try to accommodate your request.

** Price includes gift wrapping