Second edition of our 2023 Better Dark Chocolate Newsletter! 🍫

by Ramon E Martinez April 25, 2023

Letterpress Dark Chocolate

Welcome to the second edition of our 2023 Newsletter! 🍫

Our first 2023 Newsletter was a success, so we are excited to share information relevant to our shared interest: BETTER Dark Chocolate.

Today we want to discuss the small companies that create some of the best chocolate bars—this time, we want to feature Letterpress.

David and Corey met in high school in southern California and became friends. After years of friendship, they began dating in 2006 and married in 2010. During their vacation in 2011, they visited a cacao plantation in Saint Lucia, which sparked their interest in bean-to-bar chocolate.

In 2013, they founded the Little Brown Squares blog to publish reviews of bean-to-bar chocolate bars. In 2014, David attended a cacao boot camp in Hawaii, where he learned to cultivate and process cacao. In Los Angeles, he started making chocolates and selling them to his coworkers. To accommodate the growth of their business, they rented a shared kitchen in 2016 and bought it the following year. In 2018, they renovated and expanded the commercial area and had their grand opening in September. Since then, they have offered factory tours with an overwhelming response.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to meet David and attend a cocoa and chocolate-tasting course created by the FCCI (Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute). I understood that experience and passion are fundamental ingredients in every bar they produce. I remember the enthusiasm with which he shared some of his latest creations at the time with the rest of the group and waited for everyone's impressions and suggestions. I recall a chocolate bar made with cacao from Costa Rica that tasted like bananas, to the point I thought he had added that flavor. Now I know all those flavors come from the cacao bean itself.  

Letterpress bars are among the best we offer in our catalog. First, they are unmistakable, with their packaging reflecting their logo, the "coat of arms" of the origin country of the cacao used, and often evidence of multiple awards won. Then, upon opening it, the dark chocolate bar itself reveals the logo molded into the chocolate again. They consistently have an impeccable snap when breaking a piece. You will notice an incredible consistency and texture upon tasting it, like silk. In the end, the flavors will depend on the origin of the cacao used.

If you want to try these delicious bars loaded with history, we invite you to purchase them in our store. As a Letterpress lover, I recommend THIS CHOCOLATE made with cacao from the remote region of Ucayali in Peru, one of the few chocolates in the world made with this cacao.

We greatly appreciate you making it this far!

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We'll be in touch soon!

Ramon E Martinez
Ramon E Martinez


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